Sexy Start Lines

You may have a wait at home but how do you transition that to an amazing agility start line! Have your dog eager and ready to begin their agility but only when you say!

This course includes two seminars discussing all things start lines these are an hour long each. And 8 videos showing you lots of fun games to build your start line well as how to take it to other environments.

We can’t wait to see you in our online classrooms but here are a few things you should know before signing up. All of our online courses are currently running through facbook groups, these enable us to get the information to you in the most accessible way and for us to help you with any questions you may have throughout the course. If you don’t have a facebook account you can sign up for free and just use it for this course. All of our online courses include 4 months of access to the group and although we don’t offer working spaces you can ask questions on the group.


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