The biggest aspect of your training that I love appears to be at the core of your training approach - to achieve a confident, independent thinking dog!

Belinda Thompson

Blackpool Preston Training Groups

Wild Paws Agility is now based in Preston/Blackpool with weekly classes taking place from October 2015 onwards. All training takes place on the highest quality competition level equipment to ensure both yours and your dog’s safety is paramount. Our venue is the fantastic Rigby’s Equestrian Centre – Wrea Green where most of our classes are held.

We currently run the following classes:

Wednesday Night

  • 7pm - Puppy Class

    A class for anyone interested in a foundation for any dog sport or just a class to have fun with you puppy whilst developing great life skills.

  • 8pm - Agility Foundations

    A class for young dogs or dogs needing more confidence and focus. A great foundation before the Beginners class.

  • 9pm - Beginners

    A class for dogs that have never done agility before but are old enough and have suitable puppy training to begin on equipment.

Thursday Night

  • 7pm - Precompetition Class

    For dogs 12 months of age or older who have done some foundations on equipment. This class will aim towards getting dogs to a competition standard.

  • 8pm - Competition Class Grade 1-3

    For dogs currently completing all equipment in sequences who are in Grades 1-3 or equivalent standard.

  • 9pm - Competition Class Grade 4-7

    For dogs currently competing at Grades 4-7.

All Classes are 1 hour long and have a maximum number of 6 in a class. Less than £9 a week including additional assistance outside of classes and access to a facebook page where additional tips and tricks will be shared.

Nottingham Training Events

In partnership with Nottingham Agility Club Nicola offers training days throughout the winter months at Selston Equestrian centre.

There is roughly one training day a month throughout the winter covering a number of agility topics for all dogs completing the basic equipment. Due to demand on these training days Nicola usually trains alongside another guest trainer.

In addition Nicola sometimes trains and/or runs small agility camps during the summer months for a series of intensive training days where you can relax with other likeminded people alongside receiving high quality agility training.

If you are interested in signing up for the mailing list to get information about Nottingham training days please use the contact me page.

Getting Nicola to your club or training event.

Nicola is often at other clubs to provide training days all around the country. Nicola can cover a wide variety of topics and training techniques from distance handling and motivation to European manoeuvres and contacts. Her training days are often praised for being enjoyable and informative and ensuring that everyone leaves with something to work on.

Alongside practical dog and handler training days Nicola also runs seminars on a variety of agility based topics. Mostly she talks about foundation training and how to use a handling systems to ensure consistency within your handling, two of the things to which Nicola attributes her success within agility. If you would like more information about costs or available dates please get in touch using the contact me page.


Nicola can also offer 1-2-1 sessions for dogs and handlers wanting a little more individual attention, or for dogs not suitable for group training sessions. These 1-2-1 sessions can be structured around you and your dog’s needs. These can be brilliant for working on individual issues or having a session to polish those handling skills in a relaxed 1 on 1 environment. Nicola can also do sessions for small groups at her venues. 1-2-1’s are mostly in Preston although she may occasionally have limited availability for days in Nottingham.


Nicola is a great trainer she understands and trains to the abilities of both the handler and dog and manages to get the best from both. She has a great eye for analysing courses and giving feedback from watching runs and videos which is invaluable for improving your performance.

I have trained with Nicola in the Isle of Man over the past few years and have also recently attended an International handlers course with Nicola where she clearly showed that she understands and is able to relay the latest handling techniques in a way that makes them accessible to all handlers. She comes highly recommended!

Sarah Elliott

I have been training with Nicola for over 6 months with two different dogs. My first agility dog was a consistent plodder, who went round clear at his own steady speed, if I remembered the course. My current dog is a motivated, immature, dog who wants to race to the finish even if it means missing out jumps! So it’s been like two totally different training experiences and Nicola is consistently clear, rational and patient with my relatively slow paced but steep learning curve.

I am doing this totally new hobby as I approach 50, so my ability to put brain in touch with body is a lot slower than it was 20 years ago. Nicola listens when I say that I don’t understand or I don’t feel ready for something and she comes up with sensible alternatives. She remembers my worries and makes specific suggestions to me and even recommends articles, videos and links for me to do as homework.

Nicola considers each handler and dog and encourages us to set training goals over a specific time period. This has really helped me think up exercises to do at home in between weekly training.

As Nicola is growing her own agility experience, she is very generous with her knowledge. She imparts both new techniques that she is practicing, making complex moves simple by breaking them down and shares a holistic approach to agility, which includes the training but also warm ups, attitude and having fun with your dog.

Jan Robinson