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We know if you’re on this site you are crazy about dogs! Don’t let the common misconception that only collies can do agility put you off. Yes collies are great and our trainers love them for the endless energy they bring and the level of athleticism. But did you know less than half the dogs we teach here at Wild Paws are Collies. We train dogs from the Miniature Pinscher and the Papillion all the way up to Dobermans and Old English Sheepdogs. If your dog is fit and healthy, you love to learn and have fun then get in touch to see how we can help you at one of our classes!


Ag Ch Za Zar Zoom AW(G)

Zoom the Australian Kelpie 2005 – 2019 was Nicola’s Agility Champion who was the most bossy character both in and out of the agility ring.


Ag Ch Devongem Freekin Awesome

Zest the Border Collie is Nicola’s biggest training challenge to date. A very full on and independent girl Zest likes to make her own decisions.


Runbye Do It With Passion

Panache the Border Collie also nicknamed Mr Perfect! Considering he is quite large he is convinced he can fit on everyone’s knee!


Planetsolaris Dakota Dream

Vixen the Papillion knows her own mind and we often have to persuade her that training was her own idea.


Devonduets Let's Tri Again

Panda the Papillion is a full on little ball of energy and fur who is always looking for the next thing to do.


Purely Mist Never Fog-gotten

Mist the Collie loves life and always wants to learn, she is teaching Laura how to live life in the fast lane!


Cooper the Collie is such a sweet kind hearted boy who needs lots of reassurance that he can explore and have fun.


Cikoria Planet Solaris

Kel the Papillion has the heart of a Lion and is so cheeky, It is rare we get through a training session without a huge amount of laughter.


Thanos has become a bit of an agility celebrity, going viral on tiktok (see him on @murphymoo2009),
getting recognised all around the agility circuit.


Fever the Border Collie is a cheeky handful of beans, as Nicola’s youngest she is enjoying exploring games which will help her in her future agility career.


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