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Wild Paws Team

At Wild Paws Agility we have a great family of dogs, trainers and staff. Nicola heads up the team leading lesson planning and staff development as well as in person teaching. She works alongside Hannah and Becky, two long time students who are experienced dog trainers to teach beginner and foundation agility. We most recently brought Laura and Robyn into the team, Laura bringing her game based learning and Robyn her years of agility experience. Together our team share ideas, problems and solutions working as a collective to help progress your dog training. All of our trainers are North West based and we teach across a range of locations in Lancashire including Lancaster and close by to Preston.

Meet Our Trainers

Nicola Wildman


Head Coach and Founder Nicola has been competing in agility for over 25 years! Her science based training approach brings innovative and bespoke training solutions to Wild Paws Agility Ltd.

Laura Gilmour


Wild Paws Instructor Laura loves game based learning and as a teacher for many years before dog training has an excellent communication style.

Hannah Mackenzie


Wild Paws Instructor Hannah has understanding of a diverse range of breeds and backgrounds and a special passion for puppy and foundation training.

Rebecca Willicombe


Wild Paws Instructor Becky has spent most of her life working with dogs, when it comes to dogs experience is key and Becky mixes this with new training knowledge.

Robyn Connell


Wild Paws Instructor Robyn became a fully fledged instructor in 2022 and loves teaching people as passionate and crazy as she is about dogs.


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