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Born 2019 and a little unplanned as Hannah and Becky’s pack grew. Panda (for short) is Vixen’s niece and as soon as in saw her litter photos at 1 day old I just knew this was the right puppy for us! She was one of 3 girls the other 3 being red sables. When we went to pick a puppy I thought it would be a red sable we chose, however panda stood out straight away! She was such a sparky puppy and captured our attention and hearts with her cheeky antics! 

She has been so much fun to live with and teach. We have taken the plunge and opted for running contacts which is challenging for us to train but panda absolutely loves it. She is up for fun 24 hours a day but also does have an off switch! We are looking forward to competing together and her speed and drive has encouraged us to get fitter too!


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